Twitter vs Stovens Part II: IRL 

I went to see The Heiress on Friday. I liked the play (esp Jessica and Judith Ivey) but the most exciting part was the stage door after…

Dan came out after about 15 minutes and started signing things/taking photos with those who asked.  He gets to me and I hand him my playbill to sign. While he’s signing it, I said, “Twitter says hi.” And he, so innocently, so naively responds, “Yeah, I haven’t been around in a while.” (LMAO wonder why. I should have asked about the meltdown on Sunday but my mind wasn’t processing that fast.)

Then I handed him a screen cap of THE BEDPOST scene.  He sort of chuckled at it?? More in an exasperated way, I think. But he signed it! And then tried to move on to the next person real fast.

But I then handed him another screen cap, of Matthew lying dead in the ditch, folded up, and said, “And this is for you.” (That sounds so creepy, like I was giving him a nude or something LMAO.) He opened it up, looked shocked, said something like, “Oh jeez,” folded it up VERY quickly and kept moving down the line.

A little bit down the line someone asked him about Don Stovens and he said, “I don’t know, ask her,” and gestured toward me. L O L. Never getting over it tbh.

When he was walking back inside the stage door, I sort of shouted, “It’s okay, we don’t hate you TOO MUCH!” Which earned weird looks from those around me. Poor souls.

So that was it! Gave him a little bit of his own medicine I guess. I hope he took a good hard look at his dead face and started crying at his equally as dead career. 

(it was raining but it also symbolizes his ongoing decay tbh)

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    Wow… OP sure showed him. I bet he’s totes sorry he left DA now! Stay classy indeed.
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    So you know when you watch a show or a movie, and a character does something that’s just so embarrassing all you can do...
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    WOW. Bullying is not cool, OP. That was harsh, and pretty uncalled for, tbh. Stay classy fandom.
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    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again…thank God I’m a member of the Sybil/Tom community (I know we have our crazies,...
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    That’s so fucking rude.
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